Actors Ave Acting School has three classes a week. Each class is filled with improv, theatrical, and commercial work. Our classes are filled with ranging levels of actors as we believe it is the best way for everyone to learn. Actors Ave is fortunate enough to have many working actors who bring weight to our class in addition to our fabulous teacher, Michael Petrone. Not only do these actors inspire beginners, but they prove that even when you begin working, training cannot stop. Beginning to work as an actor, is just that. It is the beginning. For more opportunities to flourish and build into even bigger roles and projects, an actor must continue working on their craft. The industry is more competitive than ever before. If you stop training when you "feel good," an actor who keeps training will beat you or worse you will be edited out for lack of emotional depth, film technique, or redirection. Fortunately, Actors Ave is here to make sure that you are as prepared as you can be. 

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